Dave Alan Johnson

Dave Alan Johnson is a co-founder and the creative head of Salt Entertainment. One national critic said of Johnson’s work: “This is the kind of show we might get if Norman Rockwell were alive and could write scripts as well as he painted.” Newsweek called his work “a true dramatic gem.” His projects have received enthusiastic critical acclaim from every corner of the nation and he has been Dave Johnson Writer/Directorhonored with many awards. He is known within the Hollywood industry and beyond as someone who creates content with honesty and humor that speaks to the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

A former President of Warner Bros. Television says Dave’s “prolific ability to create and write quality scripts, coupled with his show-running talent, places him among the best writer/producers in the industry.”

The president of another one of the world’s largest media companies said, “Dave understands what the audience wants and knows how to give it to them! And working with him is always a great experience.”

In the two-plus decades he has worked in Hollywood, Dave has created, produced, written, or directed nearly a half-billion dollars’ worth of entertainment. He has collaborated with some of Hollywood’s top names (including teaming up with Steven Spielberg to Co-Create and Executive Produce DreamWorks’ premier television production – the ABC hit drama, High Incident). He has created product (in both television and movies) for virtually every major entertainment company including Disney, Paramount, Sony, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, MGM, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and others.

For more information visit: www.saltentertainmentgroup.com

Here are just a few of the projects that Dave Johnson has been involved with during his career. You can see more information on his website.