Lee Bruno

Chief Executive Officer, United for Life Foundation

Lee Bruno has over 30 years of experience in media production and business building. Bruno began as an engineer in the early stages of the Eternal Word Television Network and was involved in every aspect of production, editing, satellite uplink, equipment repair, and camera work. Afterward, Bruno worked as an engineering consultant for five years before co-founding an animation and production studio. This resulted in the production of the multi-format, award-winning Doodle, a digitally animated educational series that aired on PBS in 10 states and 8 foreign countries.

Bruno founded businesses in several industries before starting the non-profit, United for Life Foundation, which also featured cutting edge media capabilities, including some of the first “webTV shows.” In 2007, Bruno worked with Metanoia Films, and the Foundation hosted the Birmingham Premiere of Bella at the Alabama Theatre.

What soon followed was media outreach through commercial campaigns, promotional videos, TV series, theatrical productions, and film. The United for Life Foundation supports life-giving ministries who are reaching those in crisis situations through education, media, and the arts. As Bruno’s Grocery once fed people’s physical hunger, Bruno continues outreach by feeding people’s spiritual hunger and continues in his family tradition of charity and outreach growing and leading the United for Life Foundation.