Projects in Development by Sims Productions, LLC


A Theatrical film based on the Sharon Davies book, Rising Road.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic this project has been put on hold. We are hoping to resume in 2021.

It was among the most notorious criminal cases of its day. On August 11, 1921, in Birmingham, Alabama, a Methodist minister named Edwin Stephenson shot and killed a Catholic priest, James Coyle, in broad daylight and in front of numerous witnesses. The killer’s motive? The priest had married Stephenson’s eighteen-year-old daughter Ruth to Pedro Gussman, a Puerto Rican migrant and practicing Catholic. Sharon Davies’s Rising Road resurrects the murder of Father Coyle and the trial of his killer.

Here are some “Behind the Scenes” photos. The film is entitled, “Pursuit of Justice.”

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Projects Completed by Sims Productions, LLC


Steve Skipper and Ambassador Andrew Young

A Documentary in conjunction with Fig Tree Productions, Colors of Character: The Steve Skipper Story has recently been completed.

Please note; the Covid-19 Pandemic caused a delay in the distribution of this film. We hope to announce distribution information once it becomes available.

Steve Skipper is one of America’s most prolific and honored artists. His works have hung in the Professional Football Hall of Fame, the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the Paul W. “Bear” Bryant Museum, the National Art Museum of Sport, NCAA headquarters, the U.S. Capitol building, and many other venues nationwide. They also grace the walls of private collectors and sports icons worldwide. Additionally, his inspirational Christian art has been purchased by and inspired thousands and he has been commissioned to do numerous important Civil Rights historical works.

Mark Sims of Sims Productions help to fund this project and it was produced by Edie Hand and Don Keith along with the team from Fig Tree Media Group.

 Here is an overview of the project. (PDF file)

View some photos from the set of The Steve Skipper bio/film project.

Sharon Davies, Mark Sims, Steve Skipper and Jeff Fears, Director of Ambassador Andrew Young’s Foundation

True Grit Series based on the book, Women of True Grit by Edie Hand & Tina Savas

(The Edie Hand Foundation holds the copyright for “Women of True Grit”) 

True stories of women who have overcome obstacles and hardship to achieve success in life and inspire others based on the
“Pearl” Concept . . .  Genuine Pearls begin as a tiny speck of grit.

The True Grit Series Project is in development.